A day in the life of…

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We have built long term and loyal relationships with our customers over the years to become high trust advisers who truly make a difference to our customers’ organisations.

Connection to the customer

As part of a small team, you really get to know our customers, understand their needs and work in partnership with them to deliver.

You can really feel and see the impact of what you are doing day to day.  With small teams, you will have opportunities to take on more responsibility and greater scope to understand the wider business.

A small team that’s part of a global group

We offer the benefits of working for a small business with close proximity to working with the customers and close-knit teams with the added benefits  and structure of being part of a much larger global group of businesses that opens up opportunities for networking, sharing best practice and future career opportunities.

In it together

Our leaders are authentic, transparent and truly visible amongst the teams.

We believe that empowering our people is vital to creating a strong sense of belonging within our business.

We have definitive metrics for what we want to achieve for our business and our customers, and everyone has a clear set of goals that help you understand the part you play to help the business grow and succeed.


When we achieve together, we celebrate together!

Innovative technologies

As the leading software house for the Ag industry, we are constantly working with transformative technologies.

We work with a balance of older and new technologies and we encourage our teams to continually innovate and improve our products for our customers.

We operate a fail fast mentality, we’ll try something out and if it doesn’t work, we’ll learn and move on.