Our values

We have a strong set of values that make who we are at Team CORE. From how we work with customers, to how we interact with our colleagues.

Our Graduate Programme is open

Family first

AT CORE Tech our employees and their families matter to us. We demonstrate this through our flexible and agile working structure, employee engagement and our wider benefits package. 

Employee Empowerment

Happy, challenged and motivated employees run our business. Our employees career journeys are supported with opportunities to continuously learn, explore, challenge norms and create together as well as taking their own initiative on new projects.


We believe in cultivating long term relationships with our customers, at the heart of this is our integrity to each other, to our stakeholders and to our community.

Team Work

Collaboration is essential to our business success and we facilitate this by focusing dedicated cross functional teams on solving the most complex business projects for our business and for our customers businesses.


Our focus is on the future – how do we best serve our customers not just today but tomorrow in a fast-changing industry with complex needs.