We want everyone to have a voice in our business.
Our leaders are fully transparent with all colleagues on business performance and plans for the future, and we empower our people to have a voice and be part of those key business decisions.

Our Graduate Programme is open

We value each other’s differences and the power of collaboration to bring those different backgrounds, views and experiences together to find opportunities and inclusion for all.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is a key foundation of how we work.  Projects, customer delivery and strong business performance come from working together.

And when we’re not delivering for our customers together, we’re having fun together.  To work together well, we make sure we can play together well too.

Bringing people together

Our IGNITE engagement group bring people together from across our different teams for many different events – from summer barbeques to family days,  from baking to musical sets with some of our talented colleagues, and often involving fundraising for important causes, such as Daffodil day.