Your Career Journey

We will encourage you to develop your own career journey geared towards your interests and strengths. Within our business you can progress in many different ways, and we will support you to find the best route for you.

Our Graduate Programme is open

Join a small team in a big company

Being part of a small team means there is opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of the business and be able to really see the difference you make to our business and to our customers.

We value our team’s individual experience and knowledge, and embrace giving as much autonomy to our people in their role and with our customers.

We invest a lot in our people

They are the key to our success as a business.

We are very proud of the structured programmes we have built to support some of our groups to grow and develop within our business.

Graduate programme

If you want to learn about our business, joining our Customer Experience team is an ideal place to start.  You will have the opportunity to work with other teams across the business, giving you a rounded understanding of our business and allowing you to make a real difference to our customers.

As part of the Graduate Programme, we will ensure that your talents are nurtured and developed – providing you with the skills, knowledge and competencies to build your career.  You will have an individually designed career path to suit your aspirations and strengths.

We are passionate about providing opportunities to grow within CORE, and we have supported others who joined in this programme to go and develop into other areas of the business.

Work placement programme

We want to offer the opportunity for students to come and work with us for their work placement during their college or university course. You will spend time across all our departments to help you gain a great variety of skills and experiences. And we will gladly welcome you back when you finish your studies onto our Graduate Programme.

Emerging leaders programme

Our people build long fulfilling careers with CORE. We believe our best leaders come from within our business. 

If you show an interest and the potential for leadership you will have the opportunity to join our emerging leaders programme.

Taking on a leadership role can be a daunting experience, so we will make sure that you have all the right skills and tools to succeed. 

Our structured programme will focus on developing key competencies such as business acumen, strategic thinking, talent development, team building, resilience, innovation and communication.

At the end of the programme you will graduate, ready to take on a leadership role.